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Reid & Co Solicitors, provide an efficient and experienced criminal law service. We will defend accused persons charged with minor offences such as road traffic matters and minor assaults and thefts in the Magistrates Court through to more serious crimes in the Crown Court. We also appear in the Youth Court.

If you receive a charge sheet then it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible whether you intend pleading guilty or not guilty. Reid & Co Solicitors will represent you if you have been arrested or charged or if you are otherwise under investigation. We will represent you at police interviews. What you say and what you do in a police interview can have significant impact on any subsequent criminal proceedings in court. It is therefore very important to have legal representation should you find yourself in this position. Free legal aid is available to anyone facing interview at a police station regardless of financial circumstances so there is no reason not to have legal representation should you find yourself in this position. Legal aid can also be applied for in relation to all court hearings.

We are able to represent people at all stages, from police station attendance, through the court process and if necessary to appeal.

If you are charged with an offence or receive a summons Reid & Co Solicitors will offer sound legal advice on whether or not to contest the matter or enter a plea. If a guilty plea is entered this will be done on your behalf together with a comprehensive summary of your circumstances as mitigation.

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