Family Law

Contact with children and residency

Contact and residence issues involving children are often stressful and emotional. It is essential that you have clear headed sound and best legal advice when dealing with such matters. Shauna McLaughlin of Reid & Co Solicitors has the training, skills and experience required to work with you to help you find agreeable solutions that are in the best interests of the child or children involved.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence. It can include sexual abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment and emotional abuse. If you are the victim of domestic violence contact us without delay. You or your children may need the immediate protection of a court order. Reid & Co Solicitors can, if appropriate, make an emergency application to the court for a non-molestation order. This can be applied for without the other party being notified. Such an order prohibits the other party from using or threatening to use violence against you, or from harassing, pestering or annoying you. We can also apply, if appropriate, for an occupation order, which will result in the exclusion of the other party from the home, so as to allow you exclusive occupation of the property in which you live.


If you are considering adoption our legal team at Reid & Co Solicitors Lisburn will also provide you with assistance and representation.


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